Thursday, 18 June 2009

Three desert island disks . . .

3 off 12" masonry cutting discs for carving out a decent cave to keep out of the sun, and away from the appalling choices of any fellow islanders.

Re Cod Psychometric tests

43.5 points - "Others see you as gullible enough to take flattering psychometric tests" . . . .

Cherie for Pres!

Lord Rogers is clearly right that it is unreasonable for Prince Charles to use his position in this way, and refuse to debate the matter with him or others of like views.

Charles isn't just another billionaire like Lords Ashcroft and Laidlaw, or the Barclays and Murdoch, exercising influence because he is rich.

He is heir to a position which claims its authority from God, and over us all.

"Qatari Diar, which is the development arm of the Qatari royal family, had already spent £30 million in fees."

Time to opt out of all this royal nonsense & shortly . . .

The flummeries can be performed with President Cherie Blair in role, perhaps . . ?

She is a lawyer: we can pay her to shut up.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rogers v Windsor: A suggestion.

A royalist plot

InsiderT asked of HM Queen's "Allotment" at Buckingham Palace:

How's the shed?

Lord Rogers should design one and introduce it there, late one night . . .

Just as guerrilla gardeners introduce plants unwontedly into public and other places to their own tastes . . .