Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Dave Davis - defender of the free, Scunnering a speciality!

Funnily enough Sir Iain Dale has thus far not posted the following re the Tory Candidate Liz Truss whose candidacy has been referred back to her local Committee because she did not disclose an affair she had had some while back.

Some, including Dave (2) Davis take the view that it was none of the Tory selectors' business.

I wonder if he makes any point about Ms Truss' civil liberties, as he had been wont to refer to such at the slightest provocation I recall. While propriety is in question various matters of interest arise relating to these gents. Did Davis refer to the roles of Sir Iain Dale and Derek Conway in his leadership bid a while back? I recall that Conway, who is to go at the general election because of the scandal he caused, and Davis shared a donor, and that, when this was mooted in the press Davis recalled that a letter he had written to the PM some way back had not been replied to and felt he should draw the matter to the nation's attention. Loudly. So that the matter of the donor dropped out of sight like a ring into a fire. Mr Conway no longer is referred to in WIKI in his leadership campaign role for Mr Davis..

Old chums, eh?