Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Comment is NOT Free

I am still subject to pre-moderation, about half of my posts - none of them libelous, obscene or abusive, and all of them relevant to the relevant threads - do not appear.


  1. 1 in 8 appeared today.

    This was censored:

    piggy is right

    Disgusting to see a once great paper brought so low. (This sentence posted as a link to: http://quietzapple-musing.blogspot.com/2009/07/comment-is-not-free.html which I can do on the Guardian, but not here)

    and this:

    When the Met "investigation" was reviewed recently it was made quite clear that they only looked into the complaints which were specified in the accusations, they did not make more general inquiries, as they should have done.

    Neow, why did the review not run more broadly . . ?

    Isn't some Bullingdon called Johnson B, Chameleon's fave candidate for London mayor, i/c the Met in some way . . ?

    And didn't he hound Sir Ian Blair from office, and did not Sir Ian have to publcise his innocence of the charges against him, rather than that being done by those who should have made clear the situation?

  2. And if I do continue to post there?

    It appears that I approve of the 87.5% censorship, EXCEPT HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS!

  3. I note that Ros Taylor, formerly Ros Coward, who was so unpleasant when I beat David Coward to the election of Agent on Teignbridge Labour party still holds sway on C i F.

    Cherchez la planche.

  4. Notable also that the neo nazi poster Tiergarten, formerly 45Govt of the Dully Tele, of whose most recent 20 posts 7 have been deleted, most likely to judge from the rest for obscene hate speech and homophobia, is free to post his bilge as he wishes.

    Apparently he thinks they don't like it up him, or some such.

    Even the Telegraph deleted his ids there on a fairly regular basis, evidence that the Gaurdian's moderators have been infiltrated by neo nazi scunners.

  5. I think TUG may have overstepped the mark legally today. Contacted PCC (again).


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