Thursday, 23 July 2009

Guardian Censorship continues . . .

We shall see if either of my posts re Cocaine and Cameron's use of it appears, this is the second:

Fu- u - u - u nny . . . Cameron D's drug uses have been down graded from "Scandals" to "Controversies" on WIKI:

"Allegations of recreational drug use

"During the leadership election allegations were made that Cameron had used cannabis and cocaine recreationally before becoming an MP.[144] Pressed on this point during the BBC programme Question Time, Cameron expressed the view that everybody was allowed to "err and stray" in their past. [145].

"His refusal to deny consumption of either cannabis or cocaine prior to his parliamentary career has been interpreted as a tacit admission that he has in fact consumed both of these illegal drugs. During his 2005 Conservative leadership campaign he addressed the question of drug consumption by remarking that "I did lots of things before I came into politics which I shouldn't have done. We all did." [145]."

BAD Examples all round: WIKI continuing the example set by Cameron's servant who changed the birthdate of Titian to suit the master's mistake in an argument with Gordon Brown; Cameron in snorting coke and telling others not to; and the Guardian in not posting my first comment on the matter, pre-"moderated" or censored as we used to call it.

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  1. Neither post did appear, I suppose the Guardian is used to being accused of censorship by people dripping racial hatred, homophobia, or who want to return David Icke to Coventry City's goal.

    I support the current government, dicey - eh what?


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