Thursday, 27 August 2009

al-Megrahi - Straw says look at the evidence

Jack Straw refuses to give an opinion on the release of al-Megrahi a report in the Guardian says today because he has not seen the evidence, a factor I stressed when the Prime Minister was being criticised recently. Notable that John Prescott has supported Gordon Brown (for a change):

Straw's former ministerial colleague John Prescott said he did "not have any objection" to the decision to release Megrahi, and rallied to Brown's defence over his refusal to express an opinion on the matter.

Clowns like Clegg and Chameleon don't need the full evidence to shoot from their hips - they are tawdry propagandists, desperate not to lose public support, uninterested in right and wrong.


"I said in a letter to Alex Salmond that the prisoner would have a right to make written representations which, for sure, is true," Straw said.

His advice to Salmond is being used by the Scottish Labour party to criticise the release of Megrahi.

Straw declined to offer an opinion on the merits of the decision on two grounds, saying he had not seen the evidence and it would be wrong for a UK minister to interfere in a Scottish decision.

"I cannot offer you a view about that decision because I have not seen the evidence," he said. I know from long experience you have to look at the evidence.

"As the Prime Minister said yesterday, this is a decision for the Scottish executive.

"Look, it is for Scots to decide their own processes. Their legal system has been different for ever. It has not just been different since 1999. It has been different since the Act of Union in 1707."

The Scots Nats have no right to cavil at the advice offered, but MacAskill used part of his statement when announcing his decision to the world to attack HMG for NOT advising him re the conditions of the trial and imprisonment of al-Megrahi.

As Straw makes clear the Scottish Executive have independence in the matter.

In days to come few but those whose mental incapacity would not have obtained mercy from GW Bush when as Texas Governor he refused mercy to the simple minded on death row will deny that the decision was correct and correctly taken.

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