Monday, 24 August 2009

Clegg's clumsy clogs - carthorse opposition & commentary.

Clegg cannot keep out of anywhere he imagines there is an act to participate in. Desperate.

He is not alone, Martin Kettle of the Tory Guardian is another. And John Redwood, desperately trying to convince that he is more active than Chameleon.

Al-Megrahi was tried in Scottish jurisdiction, or he would not have been tried at all: had Jack Straw or Gordon Brown taken the decision from the hands of the Scot Nat Justice Minister Clegg and Kettle would have made the welkin ring, harshly.

If the Scots in whose jurisdiction al-Megrahi was incarcerated decided to exercise mercy, then, not only were they right but no-one has the right to insist otherwise. And doing what is right in the face of all sorts of American led hypocrisy , past and present, remains right. Obama, to his credit has not led the american song and dance, simply disagreed with the decision.

And there is no good reason for HMG to enter into the matter, expressing what inevitably would be different opinions. No need to form one. Quite right to support the Scottish, as they have. Fraternal.
Brown may very well await any sort of thank you from the principal scunner Salmond of course.

I hope Scots fighting in Afghanistan will make their feelings about any economic boycott known.

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