Monday, 3 August 2009

I wish to complain . . .

I have had to complain about the BBC complaints cock-up, for which there is yet another complaints procedure. This one advises that there are so many complaints they cannot reply to my complaint.

I recall a Monty Python lady "Complain? We 'ad to complain about complaining . . !!!" (Or is that my imagination?)

"I'll tell you what I'll do fer you . . . I'll do nothing . . . But you'll have to wait . " Roy Kinnear as gatekeeper in Jonathan Miller's BBC TV version of Alice.

The Spirit of the Beeb, always new comedy in action.


  1. The species involved breeds in temporary rainwater pools. So it is following the rains, taking sequential advantage of the monsoon rains of India, the short rains of East Africa, the summer rains of southern Africa, the long rains of East Africa, and then back to India for the next monsoon -

    – Charles Anderson
    SOURCE: BBC News
    2 weeks ago

    Wow, cannot argue with that can you?

  2. Never thought of the Beeb's Complaints bods as pondlife . . . .


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