Friday, 14 August 2009

David Cameron, Super Snob - fish or Chameleon?

(From Left to right) Osborne G who is to inherit £40m and an hereditary knighthood (St Pauls, Oxford, Bullingdon) Shadow Chancellor and former campaign Manager for Cameron D’s Leadership Bid; Duncan A, who made his fortune in business before becoming an MP, (Merchant Taylors, Oxford, President of the Union ) Shadow Minister for Business: Daniel Hannan MEP (Marlborough College, Oriel College Oxford, Pres Oxford Uni Cons assoc); Chameleon D a second cousin to the Queen, doesn’t know how many houses he and his wife (the daughter of an Old Etonian) own (Eton, Oxford Bullingdon) Leader of the Tory party; Johnson B (Eton, Oxford Bullingdon) Mayor of London by virtue of Chameleon asking him to stand in an “open” Primary.

Are they ALL out of the very TOP drawyer?

Poor, p poor Chameleon was defending the NHS impromptu on News 24 this morning . . . .

The poor fish was so overcome he said, among other attempts to suggest that we are all treated equally by the NHS:

"the NHS doesn’t ask whether we are male or female . . ."

Well perhaps they do, BUT they don't ask which school we went to, or whether we joined any restaurant smashing club like Oxford Uni's Bullingdon - eh?

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  1. So the fact that they're bright enough to get into Oxford is a bad thing?! You're very old fashioned if you think you could get into Oxford in the eighties solely on connections. And the fact that in this country we have such fantastic schools that turn out so many great leaders is something we should be proud of.

    You also write 'President of the Union' as if that's a bad thing (you forgot to mention that Boris also held this post). What is it with people like you who think we should have drop-outs who never achieve anything running the country rather than people who are very diligent. Nearly everyone gets drunk when they're 18-25 and break a few things. Just because the Bullingdon wear different clothes and pay for the damage isn't really the massive deal that I think people are trying to make out.


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