Saturday, 15 August 2009

NHS - Cameron and Hannan, the tinker and the destroyer.

Labour List is missing the principal points in the current Tory brou ha ha, and not letting me make them there: (Oh well, eventually they did . . . )

Hannan is very popular amongst the neo-cons in the USA as was made clear by the Daily Telegraph blogs which ran after his success d'estime on You Tube a while back. More than half the comments in his favour were from americans howling because their candidate had been beaten by a black democrat.

Hannan is not so foolish as to take the costs of his visit from US Drugs Companies and the like, surely, when he has so many other possible sources of funding? And, despite not claiming all the Euro-gravy he could, is a well off and independent politician, who defied the authority of the group the Tories belonged to in the previous Euro-Parliament.

The real stories are that Cameron cannot cope with these disciplinary situations:

and Tories want to tinker with or destroy the NHS. Hannan is a destroyer, Cameron claims to be a tinker.

There are a fair few in both camps, and they would not work together in harness. A Tory Government would be an unmitigated disaster.


  1. Interesting reading your view point.

    As a point of interest, to tinker or be a tinkerer or even tinkering with such a sacred institution as the NHS, would be the equivelant of stopping the chimes of Big Ben for ever!

  2. If I wanted to adjust Big Ben, and understood its mechanism, or to replace him, I wouldn't go to the USA and badmouth great Britain's most famous clock, would you?


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