Friday, 14 August 2009

Daniel Hannan, with his runcible coracle (a-politics as usual . . )

What a hoot!

A while back all the Dully Teles were cock a hoop that Dan Han had fiddled his way to harangue Gordon Brown at the Euro Parliament by NOT remaining apart of the Tory Group there; as an Independent or whatever he had the right/duty to "welcome" Gordon when he visited them there.

The Peruvian born (remember Michael Bentine? Is it in their water?) Hannan launched a slightly embarrassed attack, which embarrassed those who thought that the standard of hospitality customary among Britons was abused thereby.

He got the result onto YouTube, and, to judge by the comments on blogs re that effort, about 2/3 of his hits there were from the USA - Neo Cons wailing over the advent of an elected Black US President!

Chameleon was supportive, generally he prefers others to look nasty by attacking Brown - abuse, libel or lies, he is not all that fussed. When did he EVER object to the abuses and libels aimed at Labour, or HMG?

Now Hannan is not just anti EU, he is anti just about every civilised sophisticated communally beneficial orgnaisation, not least the NHS.

Obama has asked Congress to sort out a suitable State Health Scheme and the Neo Cons and others there are much enervated, many of them telling falsehoods which so well display the poverty of much of their education system, Dan Han is a shoe in to tell them a few extra "facts."

Like the NHS makes us more ILL???

Pity we cannot all sue, and I wonder whether Daniel's website is up and running this time, to facilitate objections?

Dunno, he doesn't do techie, but he has an email listed for the Eu parliament:


You disgrace yourself and my country AGAIN!

Having just recovered from flu with the help of the NHS, which would not have been available to me almost anywhere else I say you are a liar.

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