Saturday, 8 August 2009

Labour 44% or Conservative 42%?

The following is not always well received by those who troll against HM Government and the Labour Party:

The only serious caution for David Cameron comes with a question that forces voters to choose between Labour or the Conservatives: "44 per cent would still prefer a Labour government and 42 per cent a Conservative one. This is despite 72 per cent dissatisfaction with Labour."

wrote Tim Montgomerie on ConsHome in June 2009

Cons Home found one of their anonymous trolls who spend so much time trying to tidy up any trace of reality on the net to try and undermine this on their blogs, but . . . eventually they had to reopen the thread to run some torybloggerese under my arguments.

The situation with Labour having a 2% lead when people are pressed to choose one or the other is a real one, while the question "How would you vote tomorrow" is considered to be a "Do you want to blame HMG and give Brown a Kicking" type question at this stage of the Parliament.

This Polly Toynbee blog was terminated for comments very early, Guardian tories at work I expect:

Here is the good news: more people than ever say they are happy with their area – satisfaction at 80% is up five points on 2006. Ratings on antisocial behaviour are improving quickly, with 12% fewer worrying about drug users and teenagers hanging around, though anxiety about street drunkenness stays high. Police and local authorities have targeted antisocial behaviour and new youth services are finding better things for teenagers to do. Concern about rubbish and litter in the streets has dropped 6 points to 39%.

The NHS has never had such high ratings, with GPs scoring 77%. Worry about education is at its lowest in 25 years. Worry about crime has fallen from a peak two years ago, and only 3% mention taxation as a problem. Not surprisingly, the economy dominates anxiety.

UKIP beat the Tories in enough Council Areas in the Euro-elections to be able to claim to pose a threat to them in quite a lot of seats, especially Torbay, and Totnes:

While the recession and job losses are still big worries Chameleon needs a regular 40% and a lead of 15%, just as I was saying on the Dully Tele two years ago, and he needs it for 6 months to bring me worries for my country's future.

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