Thursday, 6 August 2009

How amusing George Osborne's absence is . .

. . when Quantitative Easing is promoted still further by Mervyn King and his Tory party is reduced to fielding someone No-one has heard of to tell us that this is Gordon Brown's recession & etc.

Most of those who favour young George are a bit on the shy side of Bilderberg Conferences, but not young George, whose Parliamentary expenses show he went at a charge to some private donor.

How is the Inquiry into his parliamentary Allowances proceeding I wonder? Much Primary Residence switching in infamous "cash for questions" Neil Hamilton's old seat I understand . . .

No one would worry all that much, apart from those who are obsessed with hiring MPs who are either multi millionaires, or so piss poor they couldn't get another job - but even his family must worry about what would hgappen if Georgie had his hands on the mobile to Mervyn King - eh?

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